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99.1 WMYX Remarkable Women presented by Mo's Irish Pub
"Tell Us About A Remarkable Woman You Know!"
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08/11/2009 1:32PM
99.1 WMYX Remarkable Women
We'd love to hear about a Remarkable Woman you know and recognize them for the wonderful work they do!!!
08/12/2009 10:44AM
My nomination for Remarkable Woman
I think you guys should check out Rachel Wezek who does all the behind the scenes work of Milwaukee Downtown. The work she does with MD Director Beth Nichols is just amazing!
03/20/2010 11:31AM
Marsha Mather
What a great chioce of Marsha as remarkable woman. I know her as a hard working person and very easy going to all. congrats to her. . JRH
05/05/2010 1:15PM
Volunteers of Lake Country
My recommendation would be Sandy Waterhouse who is one of the members of the core team that organizes the group named Volunteers of Lake Country. The group was formed a little over a year ago to match volunteers with non-profits in the Lake Country area. Sandy works tirelessly to help the group organize and staff various projects to benefit organizations that include Healthy Families of Waukesha, Waukesha Health and Human Services, Backpack Coalition, and many other Lake Country organizations. Please check out the website at www.volunteersoflakecountry.org.
04/13/2012 9:34AM
Sharon Hansen, April, 2012's Remarkable Woman
You have the chance to see for yourself what makes Sharon Hansen remarkable. She will be conducting the Milwaukee Choral Artists in Fox Point on April 14. Call 262/628-5022 for more information!
04/13/2012 2:08PM
Kathy Pyeatt, Co-Director of the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions- Upper Midwest-WI Dis
Kathy Pyeatt is truly remarkable. She is currently a Co. Director of the Metropolitan Opera National Council Audition, Upper Midwest-- WI District, (MONCA--WI District). She just recently developed the co-director status this past year after she had taken over this event in the 90's from another remarkable woman Pat Crump. This organization has supported young singers for 50 years here in WI. Kathy raises scholarship money to help these young artist move to the next level and possibly the Metropolitan Stage. She found donors to sponsor the competition so it could move to the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center. She did this so each young artist would have an opportunity to know what it is like to perform on a professional stage. Not all MONCA regional competitions are like that. Some just have you perform in a room. That wouldn't do for Kathy. She is always striving to make this event better for the young artist that auditions in this competition. She makes sure these young artists get substantial money to pay for school, lessons, coaches, etc. Because of her, the WI district has one of the largest scholarship in the MONCA system. All the work is done through volunteers and Kathy has headed it all. Kathy is a collaborator. She understands the importance of working with other organizations to help the young artists that go through the MONCA-WI District. The young artist that have won encouragement awards from the 2011 competitions will be performing April 15, 2:00 PM, Dawes Studio Theatre, Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts, which is sponsored by the Civic Music Association, (CMA )and Supporter of Opera Singers, (SOS). She has reached out to the Civic Music Association and Supporters of Opera Singers to give these young singers another opportunity to perform and grow. Kathy has been an amazing advocate for young artist and has made a difference to these young adults. She has helped make this event one of the best competitions in the country. Again she does this out of love for this art, as a volunteer and without pay. She is mother, performer herself, and past winner. She understands the sweat and blood that goes into singing and performing and advocates strongly for the young artist. You can go to the website and see first hand how she has helped young artist move onto the next level, http://www.moncwidistrict.org/. Please consider Kathy Pyeatt as your next remarkable woman for May.
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