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Getting Excited for the Megashark
A few shark enthusiasts - okay, I guess they're scientists - got mega-excited about spotting a megashark. Watch the video to see just how excited they get. It was part of Shark Week, but it's the first time I've seen this clip. And maybe you can make a new drinking game out of it. Take a shot of whatever you like every time you hear the phrase "the biggest shark I've ever seen in my life." You'd better stock the bar now...  
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It's Still Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Right?
It's hard to believe that candy purists are in an uproar over the new Reese's Christmas Tree candy. On the outside, they have squiggly green lines to suggest the candy might look like a Christmas tree. But when you open it up, it's really just a sort of shapeless blob. Honestly, it looks just the same as the Reese's Easter Egg. But some consumers are highly disappointed, finding that it looks like a turd. If you were decorating around the house with these things, then I'd get the uproar. But let's face it, it's just a delicious blob of chocolate-covered peanut butter. Quit bellyaching - until eating all that candy gives you an actual bellyache.   DTN USA: Reese’s fans think special edition Christmas tree candy look like 'turds': The chocolate peanut butte... https://t.co/gO4kfXRM4V — DTN USA (@DTNUSA) November 30, 2015
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Well, That Looks Intense
Another sneak peek trailer has been released for Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice. This one looks pretty intense. Just 49 seconds long, and we see Batman chained to a ceiling in some subterranean tunnel. Superman, looking uber-unhappy, strides purposefully toward Batman, and yanks off his cowl... And Ben Affleck does NOT look happy about it either. There's a full trailer coming our way this Thursday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuning in for that?  
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And This Will Sell Tires...
The folks at Pirelli Tires are famous - some might say infamous - for their annual calendars. They usually feature supermodels either nearly or completelly unclothed. Naked women = bald tires = trip to the Pirelli retailer nearest you? I don't know if that's the actual marketing formula - I could be guessing. For 2016, Pirelli's turning away from the supermodels, instead presenting "powerful women of achievement," according to the Huffington Post. Directors, actresses, singers, authors, all photographed by Annie Leibovitz. They're calling it a "calendar for our time." Two of the best known models: Amy Schumer and Serena Williams, both of whom are shown nearly naked, with strategic points covered up. We can't show them to you, but the folks at Huffington Post have them. Be warned - they are not safe for work. Unless of course you work at a Pirelli retailer...
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Which Starship is Better?
Neil deGrasse Tyson is arguably the world's leading astrophysicist. And he's also a guy who makes science cool. So naturally, it falls on him to settle one of the biggest geek debates of all time: which starship is better, the USS Enterprise from Star Trek or the Milennium Falcon from Star Wars? And he settles the question, once and for all. Some of you may be absolutely surprised by what he has to say...  
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Sometimes Fake Plays Work - Not This Time Though
The play was a fake field goal. But it looks like everyone on the field was ready for it when the Pittsburgh Steelers tried one against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Everyone but the back up QB for Pittsburgh, Landry Jones, tossed it right to Jeremy Lane, corner for the Seahawks. Pretty messed up play. Check it out. If you're not a Steelers fan, you'll enjoy it.   Welcome back, Jeremy Lane! https://t.co/yPOk6FIHJQ — BSSN SPORTS® (@BSSN_Sports) November 29, 2015
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Another Jenner Changeover?
Maybe there's something in the water at the Kardashian/ Jenner Compound. Kendall Jenner seems to have transformed. Half-shark, half-bikini model. A publication called Love Magazine has photos of Kendall wearing a hammerhead costume on the top part of her body, and almost nothing on the bottom. It's part of their advent calendar, which seems to be their December calendar... I'm not 100% sure what it's all about. I'm not 100% sure I WANT to know what it's all about...     #loveadvent πŸŽ…πŸ³πŸ’— #kendall #sharky A photo posted by LOVE MAGAZINE (@thelovemagazine) on Nov 26, 2015 at 9:46am PST
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Don't Go Breaking My... What?
So here's an interesting pairing. During a recent concert at London's Wembley Stadium, Ed Sheeran invited a veteran performer to join him on stage. Not just a veteran. English performing royalty. Sir Elton John, glittered coat and huges spectacles and all. They sang a couple of songs together, including one of Elton's standby favorites, "Don't Go Breaking My Heart." Ed took the Kiki Dee part. It's pretty cool.  
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You Almost Don't Want a Logical Explanation
There's a video that's been circulating showing a very bizarre traffic accident in China. Three cars at an intersection, near a crosswalk on a major roadway, are tossed into the air. Explanations fly, just like the cars. Freak force of nature? Illusionist nearby practicing for a big show? Neither. Turns out a telephone repair crew had laid a heavy cable across the road. Cars could simply drive over it, no harm done Except for a street sweeper, which picked up the cable and spun it tight, catching the three cars and causing them to lift and flip. Me, I like the non-logical approach. Watch the video below. If you speak Mandarin, maybe you can verify the explanation. If not, you'll have to trust what I've read on Unilad...  
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Slash Kicks Off Battle of Los Angeles
Every year, the football teams from the University of Southern California and the University of California - Los Angeles face each other. They sometimes call it the Battle of Los Angeles. The USC marching band enlisted some star power to help with their rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Slash, Guns 'N Roses' guitarist, started things off with a Hendrixesque performance, with the at-that-moment stationary band joining in about halfway through. Pretty cool to watch. And if you're interesed, USC won, beating UCLA 40 - 21.  
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