Egg Day @ Milwaukee Zoo With Elizabeth 4.19.14

Elizabeth hosts @ Egg Day in the Milwaukee County Zoo! 4.19.14

Mix @ Chico's in Southridge Mall 4.5.14

Kidd O'Shea hosting Spin to Win @ the Chico's in Southridge Mall 4.5.14!

Mix Mayfair Collection Grand Opening 4.3.14

Kidd O'Shea raffling away giftcards at the Mayfair Collection Grand Opening 4.3.14!

The Grand Geneva Resort Spring Break Getaway Hosted by Kidd and Elizabeth 3/21/1

Kidd O'Shea and Elizabeth Kay hosting the Spring Break Getaway @ The Grand Geneva Resort 3/21/14

Shriners Circus 3.8.14

Mark Summers hanging out at the Shriners Circus and giving away prizes to lucky winners!