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Woodman's is where it's at!

Find out why in the video below or click here!

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Cream Puff Craziness!

Most of you know of my LOVE for the Wisconsin State Fair and with it comes a little bit of heckling! Because after 14 years of competing in the Celebrity Cream Puff Eating Contest, I continue to be the loveable loser that can't handle THE ONE POUND COMPETITION CREAM PUFF!

Honestly, and this is NOT an excuse, BUT that is ALOT of whipped cream! It really "throws the day off" as well with the sour milk smell up you nose and the sugar crash. You could try this yourself by taking that 6-Pack of Cream Puff that you purchased and scarfing them down as quickly as possible, WITHOUT USING YOUR HANDS! Let me know how that goes for you! :)

Congratulations to Heather from the Milwaukee Admirals on the win this year and who knows, maybe next year, the 15th attempt, I'LL be holding that trophy!
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...and the WIENER is?

In 2008, I decided to take a leap of faith and intergrate video into my radio work. That led to some of my first videos at Miller Park, Summerfest, Wisconsin State Fair AND the Wiener Dog Races at GermanFest.

In 2009, GermanFest official asked if I would take over as as Emcee of the event and I of course said, YES!

5 years later, I'm still honored to be a part of the craziness and with the help of my good buddy Phil Brylow, who followed me around for 3 months while getting ready for the Professional Bowlers Tour, we bring you 2013 Dachshund Derby Highlights from GermanFest!

If you've never been in person, plan on joining us NEXT YEAR and get ready for an afternoon of laughs and smiles, thanks to the Wien... the Dachshund! :)
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FINALLY Answering Your Tweets...

Honestly, I haven’t checked my Twitter account in a good minute and I apologize!

You know, life gets busy and Facebook alone is tough to keep up on BUT I should be able to balance BOTH! And by the way, not the set it and forget it Facebook to Twitter link or vise versa. Both social sites require their own kind of attention!

I only bring this up because those Twitter hackers are good! They got me AGAIN and the few followers that I DO have, sure let me know about it!

THANK YOU both for the heads up! Good looking out! :)

Here are some other “tweets” that fell by the wayside...

Ok Amanda, let me explain! I love the guys of One Direction, not as much as my daughter, who would say, THEY, in particular Harry, is freaking HOT! So nothing but good will and great things for "the dreamy" bunch that is One Direction! I was just having some fun On-Air! 
ALSO, I personally am looking forward to thier Docu-Movie that comes out August 30th, "1D | One Direction - This Is Us". You can check out the extended trailer here... You're welcome! :)
I'ma geek for a good documentary and if music is involved even better! I liked the Justin Bieber, Katy Perry docs and looking forward to an inside peek of that craziness!

Had a taste of Milwaukee Wave Soccer on July 17th and our very own Elizabeth Kay joined me / will be joining me as the roaming Public Address Annoucner! Looking forward to celebrating 30 YEARS of the Milwaukee Wave this season at U.S. Cellular Arena as I head into my 16th year as Public Address Announcer. We have a couple new teams this season and early indications say we may get the season started in November or December. Stay tuned and LET'S GO WAVE!

Finally, for those that DIDN'T know, earlier this Summer, I took two weeks of vacation to bowl against, "The BEST bowlers in the world!" on the Professional Bowlers Tour when they were here in Milwaukee. It was QUITE the experience, which you can follow along! WATCH / READ / LISTEN all about it here.

I even did an interview with, "The Bowling News", you can read that article about my PBA experience here.

Thank you for listening, sorry about the Twitter laziness and feel free to reach out anytime! We'll see you at the Wisconsin State Fair!


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Partying in Chicago w Justin Timberlake and JAY Z!

VIDEO: Justin Timberlake performs, "Mirrors" during the Legends of the Summer Tour at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL. July 22, 2013.

I stumbled into some extra Justin Timberlake / Jay Z “Legends of the Summer Tour” tickets at the close of business yesterday after a couple of winners DIDN’T SHOW TO CLAIM THEIR TICKETS?!? Wow! Ok...

Well, they missed an AMAZINGLY AWESOME SHOW!!

First you’ve got arguably the most celebrated pop star of our time in Justin Timberlake.
For those that disagree, think about it! Mickey Mouse Club, NSync, a successful solo career and now movies? Not to shabby!

Then you’ve got Jay Z... I’ve had the honor of spinning his music on-air and in the clubs since the beginning! 103.7 Kiss Fm hit the airwaves in June of 1998, shortly thereafter he released his first single that broke through, “Hard Knocked Life” and like Justin, his track record has been pretty good since!

As for last night, after the $49.00 parking and $10.00 beers, the party was ON!
I’m pretty sure I was the only one in my section that knew all the songs from BOTH, “Legends”. While some said the show, "fell short" or was, "boring", I ask what show were you at? Because the show I saw was indeed LEGENDARY!

Here is what I got for the setlist...

1. Justin / JAY Z - Holy Grail 
2. Justin - Rock Your Body 
3. JAY Z - I Just Wanna Love U 
4. Justin - I Want You Back 
5. JAY Z - Izzo (H.O.V.A.) 
6. JAY Z - Excuse Me Miss 
7. Justin - Senorita 
8. JAY Z - On to the Next One 
9. Justin - Like I Love You 
10. Justin - My Love 
11. JAY Z - Big Pimpin' 
12. Justin - Tunnel Vision 
13. JAY Z - Jigga What, Jigga Who 
14. JAY Z - U Don't Know 
15. JAY Z - 99 Problems 
16. JAY Z - F***withmeyouknowigotit 
17. JAY Z - Clique 
18. JAY Z - Public Service Announcement 
19. JAY Z - Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) 
20. JAY Z - Heart of the City 
21. Justin - Pusher Love Girl 
22. Justin - Summer Love 
23. Justin - LoveStoned 
24. Justin - Until the End of Time 
25. Justin - Cry Me a River 
26. Justin - Take Back the Night 
27. Justin - FutureSex/LoveSound 
28. JAY Z - N***** in Paris 
29. Justin - What Goes Around... Comes Around
30. JAY Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder 
31. JAY Z - Tom Ford 
32. Justin / JAY Z - New York New York / Empire State of Mind 
33. Justin - Mirrors 
34. JAY Z - Run This Town 
35. JAY Z - Encore 
36. Justin - SexyBack 
37. Justin / JAY Z - Suit & Tie 
38. Justin / JAY Z - Young Forever
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Festa fun w Plain White T's!

I had a TON of fun at Festa Italiana over the weekend with our good friends, Plain White T’s!

It feels like I’ve known them FOREVER!

The first time I discovered Plain White T’s was 2001, at a Tower Records in Schaumburg, IL, where this CD with a “STOP” sign on it was in the bargain bin. Took a look at it, said Plain White T’s atop of it and was on sale for $3.99. Why not, right?

Little did I know that years later, I would be working with the guys for one of our EXCLUSIVE After 5 Live Events and the rest is history!

Every time Plain White T’s are in town, I’m there working in some sort of capacity.

This time was Festa Italiana, where I was recognized by some fans before going on stage to introduce the band.

The girls introduced themselves, with their parents just a stones throw away, and had revealed that the entire family had been listening to me for years! Very flattering! They also REALLY wanted to meet Tom and the band because they were HUGE FANS of their music!

SO, what’s a DJ to do? I told the girls, if the opportunity arose, I would come get them so they could meet the guys and sure enough at the last minute, I got the green light!

Ran over to get the girls, tell their family and it was nothing but screams, squeals and thank you’s all the way backstage! :)

So a very big THANK YOU to Tom, Tim, Mike, Dave and De'Mar from Plain White T’s for taking the time to meet our winners, even the last minute ones!

Check out my interview with Tom backstage and a performance of their new single, “Should’ve Gone To Bed.”  click here.

For our collection of LIVE! Plain White T’s performances throughout the years...click here.

For more Plain White T's MEET & GREET pictures...click here

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My love for the Wisconsin State Fair.

I grew up just over the border in Mundelein, IL. I know what you're thinking. Illinois?! Yup. About 20 minutes west of Six Flags Great America. GO Mustangs!!

Nonetheless, my parents liked to do things in Wisconsin rather than Illinois. Fishing, Camping, Seven Mile Fair, the Dells and of course the GREAT Wisconsin State Fair!

I remember bugging my parents for ride tickets or money for food AND I had to get one of those Souvenir Cups with the State Fair pig on them. What happened to those by the way?

I guess I’m still a kid because I still LOVE the fair and STILL HAVE the privilege of being apart of the celebration thanks to my profession. Blessed to do what I do!

Kidd, Elizabeth, Jojo and myself, will have your tickets to go AND will be down there for the ENTIRE RUN! Main Entrance, next to all the rides at Spin City. See that picture up there? That's the Main Entrance! We'll be on the other side of it, waiting to say hello to you! You'd better stop by! 

I may also be doing some Real Milwaukee work... we’ll see! :)

Here are just SOME of the things I’m excited about... Trust me, I could go on... Here we go!

Hosting / Competing in the Baked Potato Eating Contest in the Wisconsin Products Pavilion. (opening day. 5p.) You can compete too! click here.

Competing in the Celebrity Cream Puff Eating Contest at the Bank Mutual Amphitheater. (Wed. Aug 7. 11:45a) You can compete too! click here.

Racing Pigs... and DUCKS this year? Quack here, I mean click here...

and MONKEYS? Yup! Bring your bananas! Not really... click here for Monkey info.

I love history, and a Wisconsin State Fair History Museum? I’m there! You should be too! Maybe there is one of those Souvenir Cups I was talking about there? We’ll see. click here.

Either way, I can’t wait!

Listen to win tickets and be sure to stop by and say hello! :)

Speaking of history, I leave you with some of my favorite PAST Wisconsin State Fair Moments. Click to enjoy and see you at the fair!!

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Carly Rae Jepsen Redemption?

I've been known to “hook it up” if you will, for the BIG STARS when they come to our great city.

I found out about Goo Goo Dolls frontman Johnny Rzeznik's obsession with The Famous Klements Racing Sausages during an interview, made some calls and surprised him during their show at The Pabst Theater.

Well, I’d like to do the same kinda thing for singer Carly Rae Jepsen.

I had the chance to hang out with her last October when she was in town with “The Biebs” at BMO Harris Bradley Center and she was nothing but a nice, true, genuine, down to earth person, we had a good time and a great talk!

If you haven’t read the story or seen the video of what is being called “the worst first pitch EVER”, here is what happened. She was atop the pitchers mound at Tropicana Field and had some “problems” throwing out the first pitch before the Tampa Bay Rays game.

The lovely Carly Rae Jepsen is scheduled to return to Milwaukee on August 20th for a show at The Riverside Theater along with The Wanted and has a day off on August 19th.

The Brewers take on St. Louis August 19th and 20th at Miller Park...

Do you see where I’m going here?

Perhaps, some Carly Rae Jepsen Redemption?!?

Lemme get on the horn with Bernie and my posse at Miller Park... :)

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Happy Summer! When was the last time...

...you loaded up the family in the car and went to a Drive In Theater?

Of course most of us remember the Twin 41 Drive In just off of 27th Street in Franklin, WI which has been closed for a while. I was lucky enough to do some radio appearances there back in the day, that sparked the thought, "I wonder if there are anymore Drive In's around..."

It’s had been at least a decade since my last visit until I did some digging online and found that there are about 6 or 7 Drive In Theaters left in the state. TWO are in our immediate area and if you’ve never experienced a movie under the stars, perhaps you should take the family and check them out before they are gone for good!
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Holy Plinko!

I remember as a kid, staying home sick from school and looking forward to The Price Is Right! Heck, I still do it as an adult! Though there was something about Bob Barker. Drew Carey is alright and all but nobody beats Bob Barker!!

Anyway, I’m reading about an upcoming ALL PLINKO Episode of The Price Is Right, which is awesome! I’ve always liked Plinko, especially when Rapper Snoop Dogg played on celebrity TPIR, very amusing!

BUT my favorite “pricing game” is Cliff Hangers! You know the game I’m talking about. Mountain Climber dude climbs the mountain depending upon how close you are to the price of the item up for bid. Great game and even better music!

How about an ALL CLIFF HANGERS Episode of The Price Is Right?

Come on Drew! Cough, cough...

What’s YOUR favorite TPIR “pricing game”?

Excuse me, cough, cough, there is a little tickle in my throat, I think I’m coming down with something... :)
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Great visit from Mom-Mom!
My Mother-In-Law's been in town for the last 10 days, visiting from Phoenix. There are 2 reasons that Mom-Mom came to visit: to see her Grandchildren and …to see her grandchildren! Seriously! That's perfectly fine, we KNOW she loves us too! Wait, make that 3 reasons…our house is spotless now too…THANKS MOM! I think we've shown Mom a great time during her visit. Sarah and the kids took her to the Milwaukee County Zoo, then a pool day at Cool Waters and the last thing we did was Festa Italiana! THAT was her favorite! Festa Italiana was AMAZING! We went on Friday night and HOLY RICEBALLS! And lasagna sticks! And zucchini sticks! And eggplant sticks! And calamari! And CHOCOLATE CANNOLIS! SOOOO many great foods to eat, music to hear, things and people to see…was a great experience! Can't wait for next year! As always, THANK YOU for reading and for listening to 99.1 The Mix! Hope you have a GREAT week! -Mark Summers
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4th Of July Weekend 2014...AWESOME!
4th Of July Weekend 2014 was one for the ages! LOVED having my daughter and our adopted son Cameron (not really, but kinda) here for the fun! Here's how it went down: Friday: First Summerfest experience for the family and I and it didn't disappoint! Food, FUN, laughs, music and just a great time enjoying a MILWAUKEE SUMMER DAY…it FINALLY showed up! Saturday: Used bumpers and STILL got beat by a 3-year old, two 14-year olds, a 15-year old and my wife Sarah. I'm NOT GOOD at bowling! Sunday: Spent the day in Lake Geneva and ya' know…NO BIG DEAL… just drove a speedboat for the FIRST TIME EVER! WHAT A RUSH! Can't wait to do it again! Kids jumped off the boat and swam around for a bit and we just relaxed for a couple of hours…was PEACEFUL & AMAZING! I hope you and yours had a GREAT holiday weekend as well! As always, thanks so much for reading and THANK YOU for listening to 99.1 The Mix! Have a great week! -Mark Summers
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4th Of July Weekend 2014...AWESOME!
4th Of July Weekend 2014 was one for the ages! LOVED having my daughter Alyssa and our adopted son Cameron (not really, but kinda) here for the fun! Here's how it went down: Friday: First Summerfest experience for the family and I and it didn't disappoint! Food, FUN, laughs, music and just a great time enjoying a MILWAUKEE SUMMER DAY…it FINALLY showed up! Saturday: Used bumpers and STILL got beat by a 3-year old, two 14-year olds, a 15-year old and my wife Sarah. I'm NOT GOOD at bowling! Sunday: Spent the day in Lake Geneva and ya' know…NO BIG DEAL… just drove a speedboat for the FIRST TIME EVER! WHAT A RUSH! Can't wait to do it again! Kids jumped off the boat and swam around for a bit and we just relaxed for a couple of hours…was PEACEFUL & AMAZING! I hope you and yours had a GREAT holiday weekend as well! As always, thanks so much for reading and THANK YOU for listening to 99.1 The Mix! Have a great week! -Mark Summers
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Smart Irrigation Month – Planning a Watersense Irrigation System
Watering our landscapes properly can save water and improve our plants' health. And if you decide to invest in an irrigation system make sure to get the best value and water savings by doing your homework first. Look for systems that include EPA approved WaterSense irrigation controllers. These are like thermostats only they're for your irrigation system, adjusting watering schedules based on weather and soil moisture instead of the calendar. Select a system zoned to water plants at different rates. Established trees require less frequent watering than annuals. Use drip irrigation or low volume sprinklers in gardens to apply water slowly and right where it is needed. And consult a certified Irrigation specialist that understands how irrigation works, the local environment and will help you comply with any building codes. A bit more information: Your time invested in research before investing in an irrigation system can reduce water use, repair costs and plant replacement. Experts estimate we could reduce water use by 50% just by eliminating improper watering. If you already have a system, inspect it regularly. Check for and repair any leaks, clear clogs, adjust direction and repair damaged sprinkler heads. For more information visit these web sites: http://www.irrigation.org/Certification/Certification_Splash.aspx http://www.epa.gov/WaterSense/products/controltech.html For more gardening tips, how-to videos, podcasts and more, visit www.melindamyers.com
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Grow Star and Heart Shaped Veggies
Add a little star power to your meals with the help of cookie cutters and veggie molds. Cut cucumbers into ¼ inch thick round slices. Use a small heart shaped cookie cutter to remove the center of the rounds. Use these in salads, on sandwiches or relish plates. Save the outer ring. Slide two grape or cherry tomatoes onto a toothpick so they resemble a heart. Place them in the center of the outer ring of the cucumber and secure in place. Or grow heart and star shaped fruit. Cover immature fruit with vegetable molds. Use twisty ties to hold the fruit filled mold onto the vine or support. Check the fruit regularly as some may be ready to harvest in as few as 5 to 7 days. Once the fruit has filled the mold and is fully colored, it is ready to harvest. Creating heart and star shaped vegetables will dress up your meals and may encourage everyone to eat more veggies. A bit more information: For more information on vegetable molds visit http://www.veggiemold.com. And watch for postings on my Facebook page as I grow a few star powered vegetables of my own. For more gardening tips, how-to videos, podcasts and more, visit www.melindamyers.com
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Less Mowing and Hand Trimming, Better for You and Your Landscape
Eliminate hand trimming around garden statues, playsets, narrow spaces and individual trees and shrubs. Invest a bit of time now to eliminate time spent on these tasks in the future. Create mowing strips around raised beds and stonewalls to eliminate hand trimming. You can purchase and lay pavers and other edging materials or just remove a narrow strip of grass and cover with mulch. Run one set of your mower wheels on the mowing strip and cut the grass right up to the structure. Connect individual trees and shrubs with mulch beds. The trees will benefit from the mulch and you will spend less time trimming around each plant. Plus the mulch bed protects the plants from weed whips and mowers that injure the plants as we try to cut the grass as close as possible. And if this is too much mulch, try filling the area with perennials and groundcovers for added beauty and seasonal interest. A bit more information: Mulching around trees also eliminates the frustration of surface roots. For more ideas watch Melinda's Garden Moment video Dealing with Surface Roots http://www.melindamyers.com/Pasquesi-Landscape-Care/landscape-care/dealing-with-surface-roots.html For more gardening tips, how-to videos, podcasts and more, visit www.melindamyers.com
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Taming Floppy, Leggy and Less-Than-Attractive Annuals
Break out the pruners and groom your unsightly annuals back to their original beauty. Some annuals tend to develop long leggy stems with few flowers. Regular deadheading and removing the top few inches of the stem encourages more compact growth and continual flowering. Don't worry if your busy schedule allowed your plants to get out of hand. Just cut back the stems halfway. Try staggering severe pruning to keep your garden looking good throughout the renewal process. Do this by pruning back only one third of the plants in a flowerbed or one third of the stems on individual plants at one time. Repeat each week. By the time you prune the last few stems the first group will be producing new flowers on more compact stems. Reduce your workload next season by selecting annuals bred for long bloom and compact growth. You'll have better-looking plants all season long with less work. A bit more information: Regular grooming can help keep foliage plants like coleus looking their best. Remove the coleus flowers as soon as they form to prevent leggy growth. Prune back leggy plants as described to keep these beauties looking their best. For more gardening tips, how-to videos, podcasts and more, visit www.melindamyers.com
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Grow a Pickle in a Bottle
Add some mystery and fun to this season's harvest by growing a pickle in a bottle. Just like the ship in a bottle, finding a large cucumber in a clear bottle with a small opening will keep friends and relatives guessing. Start by selecting a small immature cucumber. Leave it attached to the plant and slide it into a bottle. Leave your bottled cucumber tucked under plant leaves or create a little shade with cloth or newspaper to prevent it from overheating and rotting in the sun. Check your cucumber regularly and watch it grow. Cut it off the vine just before it fills the bottle. Your cucumber in the bottle will only last a few days, but will provide lots of fun. Preserve it to extend the fun. Boil 2 cups of vinegar mixed with 2 cups of hot water and 3 tablespoons of pickling salt. Cool and pour the mixture over the cucumber and seal the jar shut. A bit more information: Add some more fun to the garden by scratching your name, design or a message into the rind of winter squash. Take a sharp object and lightly scratch your idea into, but not through the rind of an immature winter squash. As it grows, matures and hardens your message will become clearer. For more gardening tips, how-to videos, podcasts and more, visit www.melindamyers.com
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Upcycle Pool Noodles into the Garden
Don't throw away those worn out or forgotten pool noodles. Put them to work in the garden. Make a lengthwise cut halfway into the noodle. Then use it to top a chicken wire or hardware cloth fence or plant cage. It prevents cuts from sharp wires and adds a bit of color and whimsy to the garden. Or bend and insert the noodle into a lawn bag to hold it open. Adding green debris for recycling will be much easier, especially when it's a one person job. Cover ½ inch PVC to create colorful structures in the garden. Stand on end and securely anchor in the ground for a trellis. Or create colorful arches for added interest or fun for the smaller gardeners in the family. Or cut the noodle to the desired length and cover with ribbon, flowers, pine cones or other materials to create a wreath for your front door, garden entrance or shed. A bit more information: Create a raised bed with the help of old window well sections and noodles. Bolt two window wells together. Top with a noodle to protect you from the sharp edges. Set in place, fill with soil and plant. For more gardening tips, how-to videos, podcasts and more, visit www.melindamyers.com
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Plan and Plant Now for a Bountiful Fall Harvest
Now is the time to plan and plant vegetables for a bountiful fall harvest. Start by looking for vacant spaces in the vegetable garden that are left after harvesting lettuce, spinach and other early maturing crops. Expand your search to other plantable areas in flowerbeds and mixed borders. Sow seeds of beans, cucumbers, carrots, beets and other short season vegetables. Simply count the number of days from planting to the date of the average first fall frost in your area. Then check the back of the seed packet for the number of days needed from planting until harvest. As long as you have enough time for the seeds to sprout, grow and produce before frost, they can be added to the garden. Or extend the season with coldframes and floating row covers. Those in frost-free areas can plant longer season crops that benefit from maturing during the cooler months of fall. A bit more information: Wait for the soil to cool before planting lettuce and other vegetable seeds that require cooler temperatures to germinate. Or start the plants indoors and move them into the garden as transplants. Help keep the soil cool by mulching plantings with shredded leaves, evergreen needles or other organic mulch. For more ideas and information on late plantings watch my Melinda's Garden Moment "Still Time to Plant" video or listen to the audio tip on this topic as well as the "Grow a Bountiful Harvest All Season Long" audio tip. For more gardening tips, how-to videos, podcasts and more, visit www.melindamyers.com
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If I had to pick JUST ONE WORD to describe this past weekend, it'd be: AMAZACRAZYAWESOME! (I totally just made that word up) Spent the weekend with the family at Key Lime Cove and WE HAD A BLAST! Alyssa, Anthony, Ben and Cameron had the time of their lives on the water slides! Sarah and I LITERALLY DID NOTHING on the lazy river, which I think is the idea when you're on that LOL. Embarassing moment alert: I fell asleep on my tube and some random kid cruisin' down the river decided he'd flip me over (that's HARD to do)...that was a fun way to wake up! It really was a GREAT family getaway…FUN & RELAXING! Highly recommend! As always, thank you for reading and thank you for listening to The Mix! -Mark Summers
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WHEW!  Now that the U.S./Germany game is over and the U.S. backed into the KNOCKOUT ROUND of the World Cup, I can write about how AWESOME the last few days have been and HOW MUCH FUN the next 2 weeks are gonna be!   On Tuesday, my daughter Alyssa came to visit for 2 weeks from NJ!  Yesterday, Neon Trees came by before their SUMMERFEST performance…then Jonathan Jackson from the hit show “Nashville” came to the radio station and did his thing for us.  Last night, we sat around the dinner table and played Apples To Apples.  FUN GAME!   This weekend, my son Anthony has a baseball tourney in Crystal Lake, IL and his games are on Saturday & Sunday.  Soooo, what are we gonna do IN BETWEEN?  Glad you asked!   Key Lime Cove for the ENTIRE WEEKEND and just a GREAT TIME as a FAMILY, TOGETHER!  Sorry, CAPS LOCK is broken LOL (not really)   What MORE could I ask for?  That’s right, not much.  I already have what I need…including YOU!  Thanks as always for listening,  thanks for reading this and most importantly, thanks for allowing me to be a part of your daily life!  Means SO much to me!   Have a GREAT WEEKEND! -Mark Summers
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Bike Ride
Bike #selfie 
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