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Scene Stealers & Pesto Secrets!

Friday, April 13th
Dave and Hannah discuss their top ten "Scene Stealers" of TV Series, drink some beer and give a recipe for a simple pesto that can go a long way!

Puzzles, Pizza & The Perfect Pie Dough

Wednesday, March 28th
Dave and Hannah are back for another episode of "Dish with Dave" and they are talking about the new Scientology TV Channel, how fast food restaurants got their...

Oscarpalooza! With a Side of Cream Puffs

Wednesday, February 28th
Dave and Hannah are giving their Oscar predictions and sharing fun facts about the nominees. More beer gets tasted and they give a recipe for homemade cream...

Words & Willies With a Side of BBQ

Wednesday, February 14th
Dave and Hannah are back with an exciting new episode. What's more interesting than all of the gold medals in South Korea? What new words made it into the...