50 Shades of Kay

"There's layers to this shit player, tiramisu" - Macklemore

A weekly podcast with guests to talk more in depth about everything that matters to women in an honest discussion with a little humor and sass. 

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Society & Culture


The reality of raising multiples!

Monday, February 27th
Beyonce, Amal Clooney - nowadays it seems everyone is pregnant with twins! This week host Elizabeth Kay will talk to a Mom of triplets and find out what it's...

How to find love in 2017!

Thursday, February 23rd
Are you looking for love, but you're always coming up short? This podcast is for you! Host Elizabeth Kay talks with matchmaker Julie Amann from It's Just Lunch...

Best selling sex book in America!

Thursday, February 2nd
(ADULT CONTENT) Are you ready to get playful?! Just in time for Valentine's Day, host Elizabeth Kay interviewed author Laura Corn to discuss her best selling...

What IS "Fifty Shades of Kay?!"

Friday, January 27th
So what is "Fifty Shades of Kay" the podcast all about??? Host Elizabeth Kay explains and gives a quick tease for who will be a guest on the next episode (here...