50 Shades of Kay

"There's layers to this shit player, tiramisu" - Macklemore

A weekly podcast with guests to talk more in depth about everything that matters to women in an honest discussion with a little humor and sass. 

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The MUST have app to look your best!

Thursday, August 10th
Want to look and feel your best? There's an app for that! Elizabeth Kay sits down with heath and wellness coach Nicole Goodno to discuss the secrets to look...

Try this "fun, sexy romp"

Thursday, July 27th
Black Tie Optional (part of the Wild Wedding Series ) is the latest contemporary romance novel that women are talking about with their girlfriends. Host...

Do you have this in your closet yet?

Thursday, July 13th
Look and feel your best this summer! This podcast is all about summer fashion, what you should be wearing to those summer weddings and how to save yourself a...

Can a stepmom really be happy????

Thursday, June 15th
Do you know a happy stepmom? Or is that some type of oxymoron? Host and fellow stepmom Elizabeth Kay talked with author Dr. Rachelle Katz about her book "The...