What Food Do Wisconsinites Search???

Monday, July 17th

Wes, Elizabeth & Producer Dave discuss the most searched food in Wisconsin.


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What do you think Wisconsin. Has as the most searched food just. When it comes to a Tivo look at that's in Wisconsin these losers so funny to look at because. They're not the most interesting and I guess that you can't not click on them and say. So does my home state bright look up for what does Minnesota your home state look out what are the weirdos in Illinois look up. You know I guess what it is I Johnson. The fact that I said broccoli and they named Dave said it was ironic that it's a broccoli made really the district that was that something totally like it is today Chinese supplier broccoli for Wisconsin. But Minnesota. Your home state is it broccoli how weird is late because of the twin cities' most healthy city on her third most in shape city that are really. I'm out of maybe just the US governor. I'm in the US you get that you need a lot of broccoli on government down. I've I didn't mean not monster Minnesota body broccoli and our house and brought a legend then is that what you're saying she is a legend still the most. Surged food in the state of Wisconsin is a dessert. Minnesota abruptly ended dessert yeah it has got the brownies no home. He's taking no but it's a dessert that you would kick it could be a good one you'd think you know it's a dessert that you would take to a lot of big parties kids like to have sleepovers you'd have at a cookout jello shots of our. Kids complete farmers solid job on her ex neighbor this Siri all. Rice crispy treats will slowly SE yeah no. Puppy chow. Wisconsin and it. Scourges and delivers I hate puppet jumping job on La. I think I would like puppy chow about a caviar spoon to be able to eat it I hated it get that couple red raiders. And you lick the fingers then like that went from the really good taste of salt weakness of your sweaty hand whoever amended coverage now. Deserves to have the noble peace prize doesn't coverage under the brings people together and it's amazing doesn't live Pina moderate to yes. I don't like peanut butter at all but I like Malaysia wanted to sit him to drop the U I'll cash and at a price. The country thinks that you'll one of the stupidest people around right now. David from Everett a deserted island and it's only me. But five million jar of skippy I'd be happy personally I think everything on this planet Jesus Christ tears of light tears opinion about it all that weight in Dallas Texas. Urged organizers are hoping he doesn't care if Oklahoma hello good morning good points.