Wes Tries Something New!

Monday, July 17th

Wes tells Elizabeth & Producer Dave the new "thing" he is trying out.


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Why becoming the greatest person on earth does that thing really bold statement and artists put the record is that I get it all figured out life. I've got it all figured out. OK and like your head like an ominous start saying I'm sorry. For a lot like Justin Bieber. I'm glad you guys know not like just beaver I'm glad you asked for what would Dave I don't know yet. I'm the start apologizing in advance I'm just gonna walk of you guys and her camera is so hard. That's great novel anti apology is as worse than no volatility show that's not true that is always Ayers are most of time your forgiven suffice am sorry nearly for what I'm like I don't know but I'm sure because of a despicable human being most attempt I'm getting these really jacked up now see this. Sorry but I don't think that's gonna work through the great isn't this where it's Iran because talk is cheap actions speak louder than words it's. You're much better ops showing someone that you are started edges sane I'm sorry now. I disagree I'm and is it it doesn't get the words mean nothing if there's no action behind our party started and people of except that my apologies I was an army of an iPod as an edit I have. The federal populated I don't with the knowledge jacked up unions have to deal with me like as you have an old while other toys to apologize that we have to. Be here with listen that I different levels of my apology just like different scale is he living life kind of on the defensive in a way yeah. I have to do I. 41 and a half years of this of in this world let screwed up a lot of things. And I pretty much know it's not gonna change things a little warped in your head as you feel they just want apologist that you just know who you'll. But again it's no different insane as someone I love you I love you yet all you do is physically hurt them or Ichi that are you talk badly about them. But you could impact I love you right in most the time they're gonna look at you and say sorry and most of that that's enough Letitia let's say I love you did some of the phone but he still blows me. We stay with their actions speak louder than words no words are great you know what I love language. Who cares I'll act. I Wear husband might my language is not like. Late word that from I don't care if he thinks you're beautiful you're talented Smart know. I care more if you get the work done and he that the worked on that were cool the worms are accurate and off at the larger too much these. Kids know because that I've already done the actions. To your missed the point here Dave I think Isiah sorry now it's or something imminent doing ten minutes it's not forcibly have done now and apologize to the same at Hewlett. College and am silence. Just decide nor forget about us as you have just Wafer though that I and I Oliver appearance and not at this makes any sense at all perfect sense pilot garbage. Makes perfect sense tried out today just apologize and say that was for supplement due later. You'd be shocked to read the book that was really nice of him. I've worked here led Clinton.