Wes McKane Is A Date Ruiner!!!!

Monday, March 20th

Wes McKane ruined somebodies date this past weekend.


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So are on Saturday night amount have a front mines birthday party get them down at the iron horse in the back room as though the library there Norris. Make a mountain of worship in the bar area and sit with my friends and leaned back in the my stool and look over my left two feet away from me. Is Elizabeth's husband. Kind of way and that I look at the back of the head of the person that's who facing him and I'm like that's Elizabeth back ever had you know that that and I had a life. Really loud you literally yelled what you know life. And I look over and we are sitting. Next to each other at the bar had no idea I had my back to his girlfriend. Because they act as what we are watching the television watching the basketball game you guys were watching him. Or conversation face in that direction and production for about a half hour and had no idea city right next to each other and they came over with their other two friends and their whole birthday party came out and actually Russell like me does is it which is great it's nice to meet all the families that you call it's an art school. And then we said you were gonna bail about an hour after hanging out. And jokingly you're like oh could not. Would you not with us it looked at you and I said we were on that date and you'd totally sabotaged that dates and yeah icu every day I love you public high. I don't like a like got. About the women with my potentials of and we were indeed Natalie I don't really hurts and it's good rates has made Elizabeth's Danish you know blatantly obvious that we're hoping to see you know we will moderate Elizabeth that her husband was so excited differently so bored with that she did. Here's the joke so Everett if your job you take off work. Do you still get bombarded by emails or maybe people it works don't tax your reach out to you and you wanna say hey I'm on vacation I took off. I took off on Friday not for Bunyan surgery think US at all and started by the way as some I don't believe you were getting billion I don't know what that cute. I I have got first saint patty's day and then icu on Saturday and just like I'd just want to take a break from all things last McCain in war. And the areas on the big taking all those 18100. Liquor licenses have been given out in Milwaukee County 18100. And we end up in the same bar are the odds of that have you can enjoy that there escaped him and I mean outside you're going to be. It's okay social media.