Wes Is A Hater! - Part 2

Monday, July 17th

Wes & Elizabeth talk with callers about TV shows they just don't understand.


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What TV showed you people are on you absolutely loving you ages to own to jaded and there's a lot of this conversation going on on FaceBook. Because of the game looked around seasons seven and return HBO last night producer Dave and I are obsessed with that west you could care about it and he that you hear all about it you've never watched it you know interests to make fun of us for it. Is on hand and a lot of people. Maybe do feel that way also that there's a show people love it you just don't get it you don't care. Are you someone that agrees with last. Well I've never regain ground either. I don't have a desire to watch it I'm. O Matic thing that really get me but what it. Eric app doing it everybody else I. I don't really feel like being an expert thinks and then. Come back. Here at all. That now gotcha yeah that the that way and you know that's fine I'm not bash you name it doesn't like Michelle Grassley regularly what are you talking I do Pryor funny that you'll say these things about the show you know nothing about it. There's just aren't that that's very different bombings I don't think I'd like there's a lot of things in life that we like I and I know I won't like that every YouTube or try to realize you don't like him like. Now let's get that good that it. What I haven't watched them again it would at the battle under the don't watch. Like I normally run a glass but I know I wouldn't like get to. You never knowledge you try it could ever slam my face into a concrete wall but I know why would you like yeah. You feel it watching a television so that's when all these awards the equivalent of rolling GAAP glass and slamming your face into a wall. I just I'm giving an analogy Elizabeth I'm giving you an analogy dramatic. So dramatic got a. Adam. I don't we dramatic. A dramatic racked up a little bit. A lot of days ago Alan thank you don't buy the next zest I'm definitely. At least Lisa you sound annoyed. I didn't get the girl thing he noted that might. I think it break it up there that they. Get it done because I don't watch it and people had been leaked. Lot elaborate now it did not take it net cooling it like idol. I think the but that it would be because I don't I yeah now. Yeah I understand what you're saying and that just because you don't. Like kid doesn't mean the people in direct euphoria it Brett. Like people have different and it ended its bow legged well done and people like it like that I had back. But and perhaps I'm not elect and not do that you could tell me about it up but I'm not an odd that might pick it up zero. Don't you find that we don't want show like these guys in game throw to don't want to they feel like they're that in this club like all you don't watch it but this was great to nearly did all I nodded her love god averaging restaurants that. OK well let's drilling is dollar so that's why we treat. I'm sorry I actually do things Michael I don't know see the outdoors in sunshine and stuff. Thanks but the X. I went well I am good. Got. Movie it won't go to TV. The movie Rollins. Attendees at it or not have you ever watched an episode. And I. Okay actually tried it now at least you tried it that much I understand you've tried it wasn't even trying it's a pricey don't Mac it's the deal. Ever in the bats work you know all I do. I show it every little girl I know. Got a cult that hole so you know clean energy. Not quite. Like what I would like something that are real. And so are there. Well I've actually you lost me there is I think the girls are hot on the bestseller but the people would have liked about some parties I was secretly hope that they get diary from all the food and having a defense authority not a lot of. To go to work that exact talk of a gas. Nelly you know what passionate student like. I want that you don't know Burt white. Happening in all our air a couple real so you like to watch and knows. Luckily I need to see he's having watched the news party together.