Wes Is A Hater! - Part 1

Monday, July 17th

Wes, Elizabeth & Producer Dave talk about Game of Thrones.


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So you guys are into watching the show yeah west is furious of those right now on the other side of the table he's sitting here talking on staff. I do like literally at the highest my drifted off because you guys have been talking about it the last one and it's in the daylight. Stan S and market news and blogging about it presumed kind of guy and that's for that's thrown looks Kelly how it all commandos bribery probably. The most anticipated TV events of the past. Decades yes Atlanta yesterday ID's and seven of game and throws as he battles back and HBO and it hasn't been around for almost a year older a year yet there's something in forever so there's a big countdown board we've been talking about it and I'm sorry it's one of the best shows on television. Hands down it's one there's only awards multiple reasons I just can't get into a I I just feel like it's dungeons and dragons for adults makes it even better west doesn't like naked women. Yet for some reason. It's that it's too soft core from the united. I that's what it is I'm like you I start watching until December I was years behind I had no interest I was homesick and nothing else to do conduct account and I've been Diane Allen and sentenced. And that's that's where this my second part is you know me and I I have to go insurance of everybody else is doing something I just can't insult like if I had to see one more stupid post yesterday about. You threw him. Last night on FaceBook is making me want to maybe a blog and FaceBook and not look at it because I was like not it can't take these nerds I can't take his seat belt out this week. You radical table no I felt like I didn't realize it is of this many dorks on the planet. My favorite is when people. Feel that is funny in a post on FaceBook a fake spoiler for the show like someone I saw some iMac as the way to go he waited a year to happen now someone and you kill this person in ten minutes into the Amazon and they're like fifty comments like geez man which the episode can do way to post business like and I didn't really happen. But people feel like it's funny now I took a fake spoilers on FaceBook. OK okay Webber real spoilers stop posting but you're stupid show on to a else agrees a glass who else feels like bears the television show that everyone around you is obsessed with and you don't gated. But for someone to never watch an episode is fashion just that it ideas and at no not seen that to me doesn't make any sense I. I'm sorry I live in 2017. I don't wanna go to back to medieval times is don't feel like that would be really you know pretty good forgive us so. Okay that's why I like electricity and flowing water and toilets and on second thought that that you don't like any kind of war movie you don't like any history yeah. What about Troy what about gladiator never watched them with gladiators and the editor. So I raised with black. There is flat and it agrees that lasts that you just don't get is or TV show you just don't get. In which one what is it what is your reason why because you were able to. I don't know it well you could be you did I know you want it. That's like saying that you you don't you don't like any and somebody watched a Disney movie with your kids might expect to have an amateur and that meant that real. In his own bed and it was so awesome but it's a realistic time do you like the Joker you're getting tattoos of the Joker as well that's realistic Yorkers not real what are realistic time instance talking congress is fictional against. It but it's in real time monitor this and I don't wanna go back in history like nothing good happened in the past. City one of Alaskan bush people get their electricity and yourself but in living in real time doing it. Aren't. We are glad. Not at all island at all this technology is there agrees and they can't take. The oldest the demon thrown stuff or any television show that all as people legislate. Tiny over nearly I don't get it I don't give why we're this and love that we have the post on FaceBook about us because he wanna entertain and it's kind of nice to go to a different time that does it make you think about present day exactly the makes me feel so knowledge more. Exciting and he'll thirty minutes to write again. Explodes. We've lost and you're these guys are accurate shot drifted away but at least it was a rails on the silent let me.