Summer Is Here!!!

Monday, June 19th

Elizabeth Kay and Producer Dave talk about the official start of Summer.


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99 point one next lesson Elizabeth with producer Dana happy Monday and did you know this week Dave is officially the start of summer really. Time who everyone always says it's summer summer because the kids on summer vacation but technically by the calendar. It is not summer yet the 22 of the 21 assembly and yeah I almost twenty it is it's a weird time it starts I wanna say at. It's something like 11:54 PM on Tuesday or something I think and the 21 is the first full day to day of art that must be a lot of pass. Always have been so excruciatingly hot humid because of the summer's been trying to figure out how it's gonna come this year you know this is Billick. In between period transition between spring and summer herself. Wasn't sure of is going to be a really really hot career that calls would just got really hot enough chemical and down. Yeah I find its feet when it's all good because we're still sadness situation no air conditioning and so I am perfectly fine with the times. Dropping yesterday when we are out with with Stanley for Protestant a couple of people can think it's chilly it's a windy you know Dennison. The perfect dry air conditioning. It's amazing because we had six box fans going throughout the hollows until the unit could finally get replaced a lump on my steps and said to me. A Buick but we're living in a fighter just right now as I tournaments and why it. It. It's been sell loud and India the house again not outs Cleveland and that is the thing on fans that under realized level and a lot of places and out AZ and I am lucky enough to having you see on this new things and yeah but I've had a lot of plays rice paddies abandoned when he is a Fannie and turn the volume up everything that you Dylan. Could tell TA the go out like a hundred dead you know you can do anything I haven't evolved calls in the garage because it is all day laughing in your ear like hello why. Why can't Wal-Mart time we love summer don't and it's the manic.