Should Adults Have This In Their House? - Part 2

Friday, May 19th

Callers let Elizabeth Kay and Producer Dave which items they still have from childhood.


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Not that might wanna mix of Weston Elizabeth producer David and for west and we're asking you the question and fill in the blank here I'm adults. But I still have the blank. From my childhood because producer Dave revealed Keisel has the bunnies she went home with from the hospital with them. Bracelet and everything how I'm just pull and never get rid of it and let your mom loves it that's so she does when the vesting of her life a little baby gave was born well good. 100% less than a 100% 'cause I wouldn't be here of their lives and that was saying I can relate in a little bit of a way because I have my American girl doll felicity but she's in a box in the basin Natalie Allen display or anything like I do still hammer. So if you have something in from your childhood. Call us now 4147991099. I'm an adult and I still have this from my childhood what is it it's a very. All the classic. And are you playing her whereas you know. I brought it. Forty years I don't think I ever it was ever taken out of the box scores suggest you now. It was very. Debt so huge see I can relate to that economic status of the American girl doll thanks so much for calling. OK I. Kind of mix so you're an adult use of what from your childhood. I don't. Might play and I felt happy how I was baptized at your. Baby legacy you. I guess October. Would mean I had my daughter little bury your belt. I can't I. Can't get by a lot bigger partner and I would yeah. You're really well you know five baby blankets good for you ill. And I'd thought about that and you're ranked I would like this. Caller I think it's the white. Cool Harry you know that's that's actually pretty neat pacer Collins. It kind of makes so fill in the blank you're an adult he's got what from your childhood. Brought permit. It or not. The last in the basement or you grab your sons and and and learn how important. Adding that I'd ideally we're talking about that you there was a fire god forbid what would you grab that would be your item. Ali Al memory how did. You eat dairy determine the front. I. Thanks for college. And you to buy.