The Newest Brewer Is Our Favorite Brewer!

Wednesday, April 19th

Wes, Elizabeth & Producer Dave talk about Eric Thames, the brewers new first baseman.


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There's a new favorite per hour there's a new person on the team the three of us here on the properties today west myself RC yep this is our guys are gonna root for. President for some audio was little cry and he's gone. It's Ryan broad there's talk he might be gone. It's his guy wants and a couple decades and is Geoff Jenkins. A little money. It's good guy named Eric teams. Who actually has set a record. Decent record what was it last week we set the record history and I don't millions in salary tied a record it tied tied a record five straight games of home runs that's pretty crazy right. Well there's an article about him and USA today because he was totally get that out of league now he's back in the league. And he said quote I keen to Milwaukee before I signed checked it out and after an hour. I knew it was where I wanted to be I love the midwest. I love the hospitality of people all. And Milwaukee has great beer I love beer. We love you Eric tea. Absolutely here's O'Reilly thing my only Astros on the set of that how many other Major League towns are inviting you that's not a question because that garnered are what's his name David Stern's David Stern does GM does look like a genius we're gonna get them. But he had he had been in three for five years event out of league writers and man and now all that happens you like the way I. That's right our blog wanna go get this accident when they got an and I was like I remember him with the Cleveland Indians Manila. Here you know you lift your lineup here Wisconsin four homers we love our home team and right part of the issues sometimes with other professional teams in the city. I won't say which ones that people feel like you don't embrace Milwaukee that there is there too cool for school and they. Come and play their game on the fly out of order that are hot city in trying out here. No one acts and that I'm just saying there are some there are some sports do drug that could maybe. At least act like you're embracing the Lockheed sir you've got a guy Hussein I love Milwaukee law the house tell the people love beer you're speaking our language you know what we're gonna love you and Auburn to buy your Jersey we're gonna root for you in literally that simple in a city like Milwaukee. Right every enemy in Milwaukee is a great place to go out even hang on Korea for the past three years four years and you know. Probably haven't been drinking as much beer is he like now is maori gives it the best us through earlier rate Korean beer if beg to differ much on. Here and what Kieran and that your mystery. And it's. Exactly. Yeah all kinds of the Asian leaders are gonna get some of it coming to Milwaukee after being in Korea that is probably great shift back to laud you wanna get back to the major leagues it's ranked disrespect to carry bag in the whole league that goes on over there is still this is the Major League and I. He credits the Korean league for like helping complete change that are out of his. Abilities. But that's the brewers we here like to root for a guy we like to root for somebody and this is the guy that. Managers were behind us on a fairly Eric James yeah you go to the Jersey yes. Jimenez and that one pretty don't think you have to cut that I think you're right about reality Democrats aren't done.