Is Michael Phelps Coming Out of Retirement???

Monday, June 19th

Elizabeth Kay and Producer Dave talk about Michael Phelps' next race.


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99 point one a mixed pleasant Elizabeth producer Dave and gas two's coming out of retirement. Athletes do this all the time we most notably here in Wisconsin Brett Favre. So does that mean Geoff Jenkins is coming out of retirement. Former brewer that looks like Brit I. Now I mean I know what there is an athlete an athlete that is known. Throughout the world. He is known as being the world's most decorated athlete and he's come back. Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps announced that during shark week on discovery world. He's going to recent shark. Race is a shy to start Michael Phelps is going to race how that is impossible. The ocean's most efficient predator I am going to the races scheduled aired July 23. Deet tails about this race. Are being kept under wraps right now I just. How is she gonna do. Is this date is this something that they gonna be in the same maybe it came David up but Michael Phelps a mega giant hamster ball that. Goes underwater Sony swimming he moves the ball forward the shark can't get into the ball that they're really good idea I doesn't like this has got to. I don't know but I mean. If they did so that's what they use like how how can he move forward in the shark move forward without the Sharkey anywhere near him. I have no idea. That's another part of me. Deals like this is this is not regret is all of the hall I hope I hope that they don't elect pavlik got inflatable shark or some days ago like. In the water next to him. I don't know I hope this is reality of this this would be really exciting to see real well obviously is be scary but I Idbihi you can shark week. I mean I'm Allah god guy hired finish every guy tune in airing on them it is now I got. It's changed my schedule to go like shark week. I'm totally locked in this I'm watching them because I've won one and Holler gonna pull this off. To all. EZ pass in the shark. Of course is now slowly so winner how does that bet there's no way he's only after that I sure he's got have you seen him he's gonna just flat out desires of we don't do little pre is three raise ritual he's gonna also to be the winner crash or rebel. Just down that red ball. Thrown off the side but not the ocean for that later in coming on the Easter. I don't know I mean to fight while I heard July 23 discovery's shark week Michael Phelps coming out of retirement that is something to come out of retirement for. They got it all metal what you're gonna raise a shark that's the gold medal in itself I liken and we are watching it will have a party I can't wait.