Make 'Em Miss Me Monday - Best Friends Part 2

Monday, June 19th

Elizabeth Kay and Producer Dave catch up with Adriana to see if she got her ex back.


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99 point one Manx. Make amaze me Monday this is what Adriana said her plan was on Friday to give back with her acts but not to date her acts. I missed ten in my late at night. Have a boyfriend now in our relationship is pretty wonderful but it just really messed up things federally backed can get me as a breast. So Ager I and then the acts are on the fallen. Who's your doctor first AJ I'm not a big issue go right to Ben Ben are you guys back to get what you got back together Ari are you taking up our offer deem best friends. You guys are there. You know. It practically by surprise. But knowing her as I do. Against the publishers in common so. But that quick answer no I. Again there's no way I can do it. You can't be friends with her. Now I you know it. It it kind of crazy could. You know we've been broken up a little bit about I don't know like two weeks ago we are whenever they replaced actually cheating scheme I was with friends and in the corner table and she came in with. Her new boyfriend or whatever. I can't watcher but oh yeah. You saw feelings were hurt sounds like. You know we we were close I mean we begin for a long time and you know just old soul mate in a way of whatever you want to call it I felt like we really had a connection. And it was close and you know for whatever reason everything just you know in south which is there's no way I can't just be friends leave we get something that was. And Null we. Did you even know your boyfriend who you know every now he's like analysts and that's he's pineapple like when I'm gonna say what thirty to 9080. I. And from the oh I definitely it's act it's not as. Here and you know I can't I didn't warrant and where eight year but there's there's no way I mean I know you want the French Open it can't. I can't do that I can do that not like Italy you two guys together you let us know what we commend you need to move to show the movie I. It it's not like this is real life I mean I. There's no way that you're you're too quick and our exit friend is that there's no way I can't I don't wanna hang out with them. Easier on his right if he soaked Feeley right and IA. Really have a lot of thinking to do. Because you who are not thinking that maybe you wanna get back together with Ben. Relationship wise it sounds like. You can't ignore feeling it's like my life is true and I how I feel and I wasn't prepared. For the doors to be blown wide open here so. Then would you get back together with her she was like. I'm gonna dump them. She and I expect god. The you know. Late short we were so close it's a connection. It is but it. I don't know I mean I don't know I mean the way it ended was just you know and then she she you know that the other guy had. I heroine it was a rebound I'm scientists are the boyfriend's gonna hate he. Got nothing against the guy I guess there's no way. I did an art and sorry and I just I can't I can't be friends are. But it's ironic you're definitely thinking involved. What you wanna do after the. Paul called yet but yet the event happening in the next few minutes okay. A lot more secure than say that there would be. Maybe we you can keep in contact with us and let us know what's gonna happen but. Your hearts definitely and into different places in and it's not thirty either of these guys to to be kind of in limbo with both a mom IA fanatic remark. All right well guys things apart make a messy Monday at age on every spec out a little less know what happens that you guys okay collect up to mobile. World Bank's. Today believed to be hang out yeah the other gone. You ask us we are not as fit to be together right. Yes and it seems that's the only thing Ben Wallace do that day if they're not together they're not so all I am wrapped up Vanessa and wrapped up in a soap opera this is. And I think that that other boyfriends got ago.