Helium is Fun!

Wednesday, September 13th

Elizabeth, Radar and Producer Dave talk with helium in honor of the new horror movie, IT.


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99 point one the next live from the Kessler's diamond center studios with Elizabeth and radar and a tanker top news report we're talking about that scary movie it's that Stephen King movie with Klein on rate -- records at the box office and we just over the week it'll raised over a 117 million dollars and now we know has ten more dollars in its pocket because YouTube insight yesterday's top producer Dan and I went to see it. He dragged me do it the movies trying to keep on iCloud phobia and it's your problem and I could close to a perfect movie Elizabeth and close to a perfect movie elf not gonna she does finally got there the woman taking her tickets goes. Yeah this movie sold the most. Yesterday I think it's gonna sell the most against. The Atlanta like oh okay well producer Damon read are brought in to work this morning. These red balloons filled with helium because of the clone but in the pictures. Passes below what is he doing this balloon that balloon just finally shows up whenever it's. Presence is around Soledad is different pointer you look at the scene and also on the easier red balloon floating and it's late in the main. Forward aspect to the promotions for this movie so what are we gonna do with the blown well we have these helium balloons here I thought why not. Play with you in his eyes on top with helium race yes I love doing it man. Always fun to censor talk about horror movie is what we do some horror movie lions okay helium like when. You'll float to something like that yet can sell each with each hitter and gone. We're gonna have a peaceful and so yeah I don't pop and it's not just global and it is clearly hold his feet deep pocket to article they'll pop. In the mean Amanda says there's evidence but as for yesterday morning and as well as working out of their and I guess. What's your scary line what movie are you gonna say yeah. Yesterday my movie is seven and the the finance. I took a souvenir. Paris crede had a that's scary body I can't tell is actually producer Dave's. Real voice yes Barbie speak and are these. Our let me. Secondly a feeling I'm Pollyanna. Yes. Pretty nice deep breath it was a senate can't find her now OK can I mean his back to normal now guided the took a while I was fine. Birdie and it worked well you might hold. You on my holds over here. Oh yes breathe and eat and then the same thing they can't and Hahn and. I. Last time that he. Merely in and I hear something. OK right up an ears yeah. The windy and home. Yeah handsome nine I think we did it sound like today we Chiang. It's amazing and Harriet nights that nowhere on a little bit one night as well why not pretty to game many we well. Now let that he and our community and we did the rest of the show this he's my niece my quick. I guess like your can't read and react. I feel like if I do. It immediately able to play a lot and there's mark eminent and makes it stand out.