Cargo Shorts - Yes or No? - Part 1

Friday, August 18th

Elizabeth thinks Radar's Cargo shorts are ugly. Radar and Producer Dave don't agree.


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Nodded I am flight one the mix it's Elizabeth and radar and where talking about how to Allegheny is completely changed now because of this new backpack that was just demented. It's called man can do open. Can I tell you women can Wear this also may can deal but it would be winning and can do it and can't do indicate. Growl early hybrid that you can Wear as a backpack. I'm loving it suited for your beer in there it stays cool women don't Wear that now and there's a little that you kind of seem runners to this they have like water on their backpacks and they have great little hole is strata things that make him out there now yes so you could be out. Tailgating and hiking and camping you don't want to cut the grass. Cut the grass is those little K got your back all the drink a beer like your cut the grass all the stuff women don't do so yet this is that's I called a man can't. Take this thing Emma back Qaeda in Iraq got serious about well cutting the grass. Current and cutting the grass that's another topic for another day about patterns in the grass that whatever it be the edgy and I don't do that my husband Tom call you try to teach music you've got to add days it yep. Just said that all that's all part of doing the grass everybody has their job you know not my job is I do the dinners my job is I handle the money my job is actively shopping the toiletries in the grocery. Is jobs. Dude didn't do that Serena and Jeanne and that's fine and then let him carry the man can and can that man and this is awesome this has actually cool. For people aware. But that could there are things that men Wear that they should not be wary like my life because ladies our soul. Picky about what men where I whenever I can have a flannel and home then I love where in the winter. Desk is like my wife is like throw it away it's it's golden girls feel it's comfortable let me keep stuff so what is your big thing I can't stand cargo shorts. Sorry like the ones I'm wearing today did you happen to see need to do happen to look at me today. You're not wearing cart regardless drink cart red hair went like around here. Yeah. Air cargo shorts and they're also I don't like I know they're not the RY course that makes it look bigger than you why are. It decently we look big producer Dave does this mean in the big and he's big to actually are very slim Nina and uterine. Doing great Hollywood and ebony and you know it's a great city. The goal is to have the way to many pockets you put too much junk in the pocket to make even heavier. Tonight did not Slattery as we need an up big bucket and then there's a little pockets and I opposite side of the big buck eyes embarrass you by saying I did not know you think are gonna start I don't care because these are awesome you can say what you want about these borrows he's an awesome they're awesome for for a coaching clinical samples up on like I deeper practicality and that's different and it he ran for coaching okay that's different but if you just Wear him out like Larry not a work. To make either too they're not flattering. To shop great vocal style experts aren't summary. Harriman podcast talking about fashion and we talked about guys and she also said. Cargo shorts are no women don't like the cargo shorts on guys I like the congress shorts I like him radar thank you your world do you live in and producer yeah yeah so I'm glad that apparently is good stuff like me here right now. And we don't know. Okay women who helped me out here I don't the only one. There are some sorts out there that can be really flat screen what's wrong with these these are comfortable. I guess my. Voting here looking I can put anything else in your chapstick in this little pocket right here this is perfect women hostile bidder like there. Fatah all women all women don't like the cargo shorts on all of your line belt.