Brad The Dad, with KATY PERRY!!!

Wednesday, December 6th


Elizabeth & Radar catch up with Brad the Dad, the dad who was brought on stage at the Katy Perry concert.

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Per head with Dick head you believe this frantic dad onstage at the Katy Perry shell. On Monday night how do you get pulled out an onstage while Katie is just looking for somebody clearly and pull them unsafe and we are at the show. Saw everything happen he's a superstar now he's a big time superstar Brad the dad is on the phone. With Elizabeth the radar here on the Nixon Brad how was it that shouldn't hoops onstage with Katy Perry. Elizabeth certainly unique situation and then I'm enjoy in the aftermath look tonight on court here. Yeah how is your life changed now that you regret the day out playing basketball on stage of Katy Perry or. You know we hear from some friends who I don't hear from his office foot sort of formally reconnect. You won the lottery that more people. No gimmick looked over. So for people who are at the shell. Obviously Kate berries performing onstage and during the shallow indeed she's just picky out of the crowd who explained everybody. Yet here at the flunked tortuous and the prop that you bring drugs digit would you bet on that and she wanted to bring out of debt on the stage all the kids are jumping around point that the fathers and I have my locally to ten and eleven year old Milo and Omar. There are jumping point that may. Of course most of it going I'm never going to get picked by a dumb to pick me and that's what an ultimatum and through. Now I jokingly said at the concert I say man he's got a little girl right now that is free Kean college with her daughter. And yourself were they going nuts that this happened neo. That's fluids you know before during and after so they're not still not I've got a cool factor for a couple of more days. Can you play though hoops back in the day. Did it and I deployed did I did not play with a three foot balloon sized basketball but I do enough system kind of get the momentum and and have really we also follow. Drew you a great touch on the ball we're watching you yeah you're hot you're represented Sosa and what it. What role the rim a little bit and I look as though there was tight but I and I thought I was very pleased with my take. Woody keep your TV for winning streak in me. He read perhaps baseball that factor that's as winner. Com nice. I think she gave me from the lip of the stage reported that my kids that you have to look father I've ever met. That's pretty cool you hang. Ahead Brad the day it app after app. And you know we just want to also mention for people listening Brad dad signed his email BTD. For Brad good data which is a super cool brat. Thanks for my kids look here's this about the web now that it was just a continued. Perfect ripple of good things 99 point one you guys play because we love and of course support Canadian. It was so cool that can happen in Milwaukee and just couldn't securities you've got to work on a treat those but I'll be glad to do a rematch.