Wes McKane

Wes McKane

I am Wes... Naturally and artificially flavored. Marinate on that for a moment... ok... anyway, I am the worlds best meat eater who LOVES to wear Under Armour sweatshirts and hates to shave. I will describe myself in 7 letters: meeeeee. Coincidence? I think not! Lived in Milwaukee for 14 years. I... Read More
Elizabeth Kay

Elizabeth Kay

A graduate of St. Thomas More High School (Shout out to St. Francis!) and UW-Milwaukee, Elizabeth joined The Morning Mix in June 2009 after working at a radio station in Green Bay. Elizabeth Kay bleeds green and gold. Growing up as one of four girls in Bay View, her Dad raised her to love sports... Read More

Molly Cruz

I grew up in the Chicagoland area (yes, I like the BEARS), but spent a lot of my childhood with family in Lake Geneva and am thrilled to be on the airwaves in Wisconsin! I am a huge animal lover, dogs especially. If I’m going to be honest, sometimes the really cute ones make me shed a tear. I’m a... Read More

Mike Mason

Here’s a story, of a guy named Mason, who was...wait, that’s the Brady Bunch. In a nutshell, I’m a carefree guy who likes to have fun, can find humor in just about everything, and makes a great partner in crime (not actual crime). If you can’t find me in the studio, you’ll find me somewhere else,... Read More

John McDonough

If you’re up late at night, you’ve certainly heard me yapping on the radio. I’ve been the late night guy on The Mix since back in the late 1900’s. I’m not from Wisconsin, but living here as long as I have, I might as well be. I’m actually from the other side of the border. No, not THAT border –... Read More

Public Affairs

The Mix devotes a portion of our broadcast to discuss the issues that face the communities we serve. Local leaders, heads of community organizations and a host of others talk about the challenges and the triumphs we all share. Airing these conversations is a responsibility we take seriously and you... Read More