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You be the judge...

I feel like this will be the next TV drama.  They will call it "Forgotten."   It will be about "the flight that NO ONE remembers." Oh wait, that  is too much like "Lost." Isn't this crazy and scary?  What happened on this flight?   HOW could they go 150 miles without knowing?  Why didn't anyone on the flight question what was going on?  Why haven't we heard from any of the people on the flight? I can't wait to see how this drama ends.  Maybe we will never know.  Much like "Lost." Leave your comments and thoughts by clicking here.

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10/25/2009 11:47AM
You be the judge...
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10/25/2009 12:24PM
Jerry Brown
The NW pilots were wondering if you could see Leinenkugels Brewery in the dark, so they flew to Chip Falls. Really, a common event.
10/25/2009 12:45PM
Kidd O'Shea
very funny Jerry...I wonder if that will come up in the trial this week?
11/02/2009 4:50AM
Ok, this is totally random and not at all related to your post, but I (and several friends, actually) am wondering when 99.1WMYX is going to start playing Christmas music? Thanks!
11/03/2009 9:29AM
THANK YOU for NOT playing Christmas music! I couldn't believe last year hearing it on Halloween. Let's not forget about that holiday called THANKSGIVING! AFTER Thanksgiving is a great time to start hearing Christmas music!
03/30/2010 7:55AM
[...] alisai alisia aqlisia awlisia aslisia azlisia alisiaq alisiaw alisias alisiaz alijsia aliksia ...99 WMYX You be the judge...Comment by Aliisa November 2, 2009 @ 5:50 am ... Name (required) Mail (will not be published) [...]
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