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Kidd O'Shea's Blog

Where have I been?

When did the price of Shamrock Shakes exceed $2.00? It has been a long time since I have celebrated St. Patrick's Day with Mc Donalds, but when the young lady said "$3.15 please pull forward" I said to myself "She must have misunderstood me." When I got to the second window, I quickly realized there was no mistake. I was presented with a piece of fast food art that included whip cream and a cherry on top of a green and white swirled shamrock shake. What happened to my cheap, artificial flavored, cardboard cup shamrock shake?  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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03/07/2010 4:02PM
Where have I been?
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03/09/2010 6:09AM
Kidd and Elizabeth ~ You're both so funny! I was just driving my granddaughter to school, we were listening to your Shamrock Shake story and cracking up laughing! So I couldn't wait to get home to tell you my Shamrock Shake story. I was going to call in but you two are already on the pregnant lady topic. Anyways ~ Last week I thought I'd treat my granddaughter to one on the way home from school because she gets excited every year when they come out. So we went to the McDonald's on 27th and Morgan. Now we too were confused on what size to get because we were unfamiliar with the size of their shakes. So we order 2 large. (I think we thought they would be like the size of a medium drink cup or a little smaller???) So the car in front of us gets one of the fancy ones in the clear cup with the whipped cream and cherry. We were pretty excited about it. I pull up to the window and the girl hands me 2 Huge Shakes!!! They were in the regular plastic Large drink cups with a Marquette University Logo on them and a regular flat lid (like Elizabeth said "with the things that you push in) I almost didn't want to accept them because they were huge and we didn't get our whipped cream or cherry on top!!! And I paid over $6.00 for the two of them!!! I didn't want to make a big deal about it at the window, so I took them, we almost died! We couldn't believe how big they were and very disappointed we didn't get the fancy ones. So I dropped her off at home, told her to put the rest in the freezer for later. Then to top it off, her mom (my daughter) got really mad at her and me. I was yelled at for buying her such a big shake. Now I never would've done that had I known. These McDonald's need to get this straight and get their employees right on this... Don't ya think??? I love you guys ~ I listen every morning.
07/23/2010 5:13AM
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