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What kind of countertops would you pick?

Can you imagine being able to design your dream kitchen?! What would you include? Kaerek Homes in West Allis has actually picked me to design the kitchen of MY dreams for the upcoming MBA Parade of Homes Tour. This is such a fun opportunity, but I realized I have NO IDEA where to start!!! I have lots of ideas, but how do I pull them together and will other people like what I choose? Let's start with the countertops. What would you suggest - Granite, silestone, marble, concrete or laminate? Any advice would help, I really want to make this kitchen beautiful for a family to enjoy.

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03/25/2010 4:33AM
What kind of countertops would you pick?
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03/25/2010 5:25AM
I would suggest a black granite. Can't go wrong with that!!
03/25/2010 6:03AM
Soapstone! See: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-are-the-advantages-of-soapstone-countertops.htm
03/25/2010 6:04AM
Lieca Nickel
We have laminate and have never had a problem. We did want to obtain granite and was told that this type of material can and maybe porous at times especially with oil spills - which make cause unremovable dark spots on countertop.
03/25/2010 8:12AM
Lisa D
Silestone! Does not require as much maintance as granite.
03/25/2010 11:53AM
Bob Sebastian
There is no perfect choice, but if your kitchen will have an island maybe you could use something different on the island. Like use a silestone on the regular counters and a wild granite on the island.
03/25/2010 1:45PM
quartz silestone is the best, antibacterial, maintenance free, comes with a HUGE variety of different design choices and many colors to choose from.
03/29/2010 3:52AM
Suzanne Kerr
Countertops: look at poured concrete, you can do any color you can think of and it takes a beating without a blink. Next to the stove I would have a built in cutting board (not to be used for meats, but everything else) Granite is always a good choice too. Take the backsplash up to the cabinets and remember this can be different from the actual countertop, you could use tile, in fact as you have an unlimited budget have some tiles custom painted into a really neat mural. I have to put in a word on flooring. If you go with tile please, please, please have it heated with a timer so they can set it to turn on at the best hours for them it is heaven!!! If you go wood, look at the in-floor cellar bins. you would place these in an area you might lay a rug, there is a floor flush handle that you pull to open these and they are kept at cellar temp.s perfect for potatoes, carrots, onions etc. One last note, consider floor lighting so when someone goes in the kitchen they are motion sensitive and you don't have to turn on the mass of kitchen lights to pass through or just get something quick out of the fridge. Enjoy!
03/30/2010 9:44AM
Go with Granite. As for the color Giallo Fiorito (it's a neutral color) and I recommend an Ogee Edge.
03/31/2010 3:23PM
pharmacy technician
What a great resource!
04/18/2010 6:08PM
Stefanie Bostedt
Check out Granite Transformations. Eco-friendly, fits over existing counter-tops and longer longevity than granite!
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