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Top 5 Hidden Benefits of Having Children

From Askmen.com If you think having kids will just drain all your energy AND your bank account, here's a list from AskMen.com of the top five hidden benefits of children.  #1.)  They Might Actually LOWER Your Blood Pressure.  Stress makes your blood pressure go up, so you'd think it would be the opposite.  --But researchers at Brigham Young University hooked up monitors to 200 married men and women for 24 hours straight.  And the people with kids had significantly lower blood pressure. --The researchers think it's because having kids gives people a greater sense of purpose, and the healthy effects of THAT sort of cancel out the negative effects of stress.  #2.)  Kids Help You Save Money on Your Taxes.  According to a recent study, the average family can save $3,500 a year by claiming child tax credits, education credits, and child-care credits.  --Just keep this in mind:  The projected cost of raising a child from birth to age 18 is just under $200,000 . . . not including college.  So having kids probably isn't the EASIEST way to get rich.  #3.)  Kids Get You Better Parking Spots.  More and more stores adding designated spots for families and pregnant women.  --And having a kid in the back seat also makes it legal to drive in the carpool lane.  Yes, even a baby counts as a second person.  #4.)  Kids Give You a Convenient Excuse.  Single people always complain that their married friends never go out after they have kids.  And it's true that kids take up a lot of time.  --But sometimes parents just use their kids as an excuse because they don't WANT to go out.  And if they tell you they're staying in because their kid is sick, there's not much you can say.  #5.)  Kids Make You Happier in General.  Obviously, the rule doesn't apply for EVERYONE, but researchers studied 200,000 parents in 86 countries between 1981 and 2005.  --And they found that once people reached the age of 40, they were much more content if they had between one and three children.  But more than three kids had a negative effect on happiness.  --However, once they were over 50 . . . and most of their kids were grown . . . people with ANY number of kids were happier than people who had no kids at all. Photo credit paparutzi via Flickr

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08/08/2011 4:54AM
Top 5 Hidden Benefits of Having Children
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