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Kidd O'Shea's Blog

Things can only get better...

As I told you earlier, I am taking part in the Ariat "Jumping with the Stars" at the Midwest Horse Fair on April 18th in Madison. The video above is from my FIRST lesson. I still have a lot of learning to do in a short amount of time, I need to learn how to JUMP! I'm kind of scared about that. Check out more about the event here and any advice from the pros out there would be greatly appreciated.

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03/02/2010 2:47PM
Things can only get better...
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03/02/2010 5:52PM
Hey there, I saw your ride on Ariat's site Jumping with the Stars. You asked for advice from pro's on riding, and since I'm a riding instructor from Michigan, I thought I'd give you some tips I give to my students. 1- Shift your weight to the lower half of your body. With your balance being closer to the horse's body, you are better able to follow his/her movement. 2- Don't grip with your knee, if you do it will serve as a pivot point. Your lower leg will swing which will in turn will swing your upper body- ruining all balance. 3- Posting/rising trot isn't about how high you stand in the stirrups, think of only rising an inch or two off off the seat of the saddle and landing in the middle of the saddle. This will keep you balanced the best. 4- Keep your heels down- if your tendons down the back of your leg hurt- you are doing it correctly ;) This not only helps keep your leg in a strong position on the horse but will help your leg slide out of the stirrup if you get into trouble. 5-Instinct tells us when we are in trouble to crouch in a ball- do the opposite when you feel insecure on a horse. If you were to crouch like a ball on a horse you will bounce off. Instead, sit tall (maybe lean back a bit) and stretch your legs around the horses sides. 6- The horse does not have a map attached to his/her neck, nor will his neck fall off- so don't look at it! Instead, look ahead to make sure you aren't going to crash into a jump, person or run away horse! Riding well is just a series of pressures from your hand, seat, or leg, given at the correct place and time. Its a lot harder than it looks! Keep up the great work, you look like you are off to a really good start! Good Luck with the Ariat challenge- I'm sure you will do fantastic!
03/03/2010 11:18AM
Hi Kidd, We all have to start somewhere right? Don't let the beginning stages of learning to ride frustrate you. A correct and balanced seat develops over time as we learn to balance on the horse. Your body will learn muscle memory as you develop in your riding. Keep your chin up and look where you are going, the horse will follow your body as you look either straight ahead, to the left or the right. A lot of riders make the mistake of trying to do too much in the beginning. Starting on the lunge line is a great way to build confidence. Looks like you have a great horse and instructor to start you out. I will be at Midwest cheering you on!! Good luck and keep riding! You may just find yourself hooked to the sport of riding. Your going to do great!!
03/05/2010 2:41PM
gina foley
danny gokey picked country because he could do more of the music he wanted to. if he would have signed with a rock label he could have never did his songs that he wrote. county is more libral with what he wanted to do
04/05/2010 12:51AM
things can only get better
[...] Avatars. There are no users currently online. Hosted on A Small Orange at. 650 Hamilton Ave ...99 WMYX Things can only get better...Things can only get better... Posted in: Kidd O'Shea. As I told you earlier, I am taking part in the [...]
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