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The Garden Mix

Nationally renowned garden expert Melinda Myers helps everyday gardeners find success and ease in the garden through her Melinda’s Garden Moments radio segments. Melinda shares “must have” tips that hold the key to gardening success, learned through her more than 30 years of horticulture experience. Listeners from across the country find her gardener friendly, practical approach to gardening both refreshing and informative! On this page, Melinda shares some more extensive garden tips, which expand on the information provided in her one-minute radio segments.

New tips are added throughout each month, providing timely step-by-step tips on what you need to do next in your garden! Visit Melinda’s website www.melindamyers.com for more gardening tips, how-to videos, podcasts and answers to your questions.

Summer Pruning of Raspberries - The Garden Mix

A bit of summer pruning goes a long way to keeping your raspberries healthy and productive.  So get out the mosquito netting, long sleeves and pruners and get busy. 

Summer and everbearing raspberries bear fruit on 2-year-old canes.   Remove these canes to ground level once your harvest is made.  They will not produce more fruit and their presence can increase the risk of insect and disease problems.  This is also a good time to remove any damaged, insect-infested or discolored canes. Summer pruning increases air flow and light penetration, resulting in healthier plants and a better harvest next season.
Fall and everbearing raspberries form fruit on first year canes.  You can manage these for a fall crop only.  Wait until the dormant season and then cut the whole planting back to ground level.  Or follow the guidelines for summer bearing raspberries if you want your everbearing raspberries to produce both summer and fall crops.
A bit more information:  Don’t let a lack of space keep you from growing raspberries.  The new compact and thornless Shortcake raspberry is great for a container or small space.  You may not be freezing a large harvest, but you’ll be able to enjoy fresh-from-the-garden raspberries even in your small space.

For more gardening tips, how-to videos, podcasts and more, visit www.melindamyers.com

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06/27/2012 4:22PM
Summer Pruning of Raspberries - The Garden Mix
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