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Oprah's email to me (and others)

I've been emailing Oprah since her show wrapped up at oprah@oprah.com and here's her latest email. Hello y'all, friends of summer. Got back safely from vacation. Had to come back for Cable convention and meetings with OWN team. Building a network doesn't allow for the long relaxing time I had imagined for myself. But I'm ready for the challenge. Thanks for all your good wishes. I'm sure you feel the same after vacation. Not long enough. Oddly enough it's not the vacation, but small moments like having time to stop for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, or Friday night going out to dinner with friends that feels so different. In the past I've been so exhausted that when Friday comes I just want to collapse and sleep. So I marvel at the spaces of time to do something just normal and not worry about where I have to go next. I appreciate you wanting to send me ideas for programming but I can't accept unless in real general terms. Law suits; Not my idea of a good time. And though I empathize with everyone having money problems, even with all the kids I've given scholarships to, I don't give money to them directly but to a school or institution. I've enjoyed corresponding with some of you. But with 132k emails in my inbox right now, obviously I can't respond to you all individually. On my way out of country on business.  Would appreciate if you'd watch BTS tonight 8/7 central on OWN. Tonight's episode is all the Behind the Scenes stuff with James Frey. I teared up watching it and I've obviously already lived it. Why? The true miracle of reconciliation and being willing to see things differently. Of all the BTS shows I think this one is the best so far.  You really get an insight into all the misunderstanding that keeps people holding on to "stuff" for years. I didn't think I was one of those people until this show. Also looking forward to BTS on the making of United Center surprise shows. I still don't know HOW my team did that. Took over that venue from the Bulls and had less than 36 hrs to build the stage and rehearse, Aretha, Beyonce, Stevie, Jamie, Rascal Flatts, et al.. After Season 25 Behind the Scenes is Finding Sarah, really good I think. Please let me know what you think at Oprah.com And I need your feedback on the Ryan and Tatum O'Neal show as they attempt a real reconciliation on camera. That's 10/9 central. BTS.....Finding Sarah... The O'Neals.. Sunday lineup beginning 8/7 central. I have to say, my experience with James Frey felt like a holy moment. You'll see in tonight's episode how we both came full circle. I would have never imagined of all the nearly 30 thousand people I've interviewed that James Frey would turn out to be a friend. Amazing Grace..indeed. Happy Father's day to all you great dads. And to those of you who are trying to be better; recognizing that you're not a man because you can make a baby... You're a man when you can raise one. I salute you for the work and sacrifice and the dream you carry day in, day out for your family. It's good we take a beat once a year at least, to acknowledge and make sure Father's feel appreciated. And most important VALIDATED. As I said on last show Everybody wants to know they matter. And every relationship improves according to how valued the other person feels. I already called my Dad, since I knew I'd be traveling out of the country today. Blessings and Thank you for your emails, Oprah Winfrey

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06/20/2011 2:12AM
Oprah's email to me (and others)
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