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Mark Summers

Get to know Mark...
Hometown:  Vineland,NJ
Favorite Food:  Chinese, Italian, Anything, and can't forget EVERYTHING (I hate being SOOOOO picky about what I eat) 
Favorite Restaurant In Milwaukee:  Only been to ONE so far...Sobelman's Pub & Grill!  Jojo took me there for my interview lunch and ME LIKEY!   I promise you this:  I WILL FIND more restaurants and I will destroy them...and by destroy them, I mean I'll eat at more of em' and get back to you! 
Hobbies:  Music (I know, shocking!), Sports, and KARAOKE!  (I don't drink, so let the fact that karaoke is a hobby of mine sink in LOL)  My PLEA to you:  find me the best karaoke and let's get our sing on!
Favorite Food At The Wisconsin State Fair:  TBD, but I'm sure it'll be something fried.
Favorite TV Show:  Here it is...I'm not scared...to admit...that my favorite show on TV is...
GREYS.ANATOMY.  There, I said it.  Also, I may or may not shed a tear or two while watching. 
Dog Or Cat Lover:  BOTH!  We've got 2 dogs AND a cat!    A Mini-Dachsund named Cooper, a Maltese-Dachsund Mix named Callie and our cats name is Piper. 
Latest Notable Accomplishment:  True story:  I went 2 WHOLE DAYS WITHOUT POSTING on Facebook!  (yes, seriously)
Something few people know about me:  I was the original lead singer of N'Sync!  But...I got sick for 2 days and missed some rehearsals and they replaced me with some young punk named Justin Timberlake...WHO'S LAUGHIN' NOW???!!!  (EDIT:  I LOVE Justin Timberlake and that's the REAL answer to this question).  SERIOUSLY, LOVE JT.  He's the man, right?  I mean, who doesn't love that guy?  Ok, next question.
Vacation Destination:  Hawaii!  


Over the Memorial Day weekend, my family and I were in Crystal Lake, IL for my son Anthonys travel team, The Milwaukee Angels 13U tournament!   They ended up losing their 1st game on Sunday…which knocked them out!  SAD?  Yes!  However, it gave us a chance to spend some quality time together and DISCOVER places we’ve not seen yet.   
By PURE ACCIDENT, we ended up in LAKE GENEVA!  OMG!  How BEAUTIFUL is this place!!!  We had a great dinner at Chuck’s Lakeshore Inn,  walked around for a bit and was in AWE of the scenery around us…beach filled, boats EVERYWHERE and that got me thinkin’…next time, we’re RENTING A BOAT!   I can do that right?  Even though I’ve never driven one before?  If not, gonna just take the boat tour J!
Bottom line:  we’re DEFINITELY going back to enjoy what Lake Geneva has to offer.  Oh, and THANK YOU SPRING FOR SHOWING UP!  FINALLY! (knock on wood)
Have a great weekend!
-Mark Summers

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05/30/2014 4:30PM
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05/30/2014 4:41PM
Lake Path
Did you try this? http://www.makeitbetter.net/entertainment/outings-a-travel/1506-hiking-through-historythe-geneva-lake-walking-path
05/30/2014 4:50PM
Year round
Its a wonderful city to enjoy year round. I love living here.
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