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Is it Brett Favre?

Did Brett Favre really send nude pics to former New York Jets journalist Jenn Sterger? Now that the images allegedly of Brett's "you know what" are out on deadspin.com - people are debating whether or not this is REALLY Brett Favre? Do you think it is? Does this change your opinion of Brett? Do you care? (photo from nydailynews.com)

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10/08/2010 2:56AM
Is it Brett Favre?
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10/08/2010 4:55AM
Christine Allen
A friend of mine has a poster of Brett in his uniform...obviously with no cup. These are NOT pics of Brett on the internet, because this poster shows him to be a VERY large boy, if you know what I mean. You could see the outline of his "manliness" through his uniform.
10/08/2010 5:07AM
You have to realize this is a penis in a flacid state. When erect, it can be much larger. As a matter of info., there is not a positive relationship between erect/non-erect state. Thus, he could be very large and it would not be evidenced in this pic. The oppoite is also true, if the flacid state is large, this does not mean the aroused state will be large. So, who knows what his real size is. Guess we need before, during and after pictures.
10/08/2010 6:29PM
No that is not Brett! Notice how this has not come out until now, 2 years after he left the jets. Last year he didn't play them so there was no reason to make this up. Also, the only people saying that he was sending them stuff are associated with the jets in a way where they would want them to win. The people of the jets just want him to do bad by getting into his head. They figure this way the whole time he is playing them he will be distracted thinking about what might happen to him if it is decieded that he should be suspended so he won't play well.
10/11/2010 1:36AM
This is complete, utter trash. The Jets will stoop to any level to get a win. Look at how they attacked the Ravens. And as Nikki pointed out, why now? How many times has he said "just got done with practice" during an interview? Not hard to fake with technology today.
11/27/2010 2:35PM
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