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Here's what you need to know about Eclipse

I was able to check out "Eclipse" during our Mix Sneak Peek and let me tell you - it was AWESOME! Here's my rundown of the highlights
  • the effects are amazing during the fight scene
  • very steamy scenes between Bella and Edward, especially in his bedroom
  • Jacob barely wears a shirt during the movie
  • Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner's acting is getting a lot better compared to the first movie
  • Jasper's hair still needs some work - he reminds me of Edward Scissorhands
  • scenes involving the newborn vampires in Seattle are kind of cheesy
  • Bella's engagement ring is ugly (sorry, but it is)
  • Kristen Stewart still can't act
Can't wait for you to see it - I believe, it truly is the best so far of the three movies in the saga.

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06/29/2010 4:29AM
Here's what you need to know about Eclipse
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06/29/2010 6:45PM
Sang Morelli
Thanks for the sneak peek-we loved it too, there's was everything in it, eye candy, action, eye candy, romance, funnies and did I say eye candy:) Can't wait to go with my own Jacob look a like. Gotta say I love the re-enactments that you and Kidd's do in the morning makes me LOL on my way to work. I think people next to me on the freeway thinks I am nuts!
07/01/2010 8:41AM
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