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Posts from July 2013

Fashion, Flavor, Fun and PRIZES!!
I'm in heaven! I LOVE the new Yoplait Frozen Yogurt treats! Tonight for dessert, I just enjoyed their Greek Bars in Honey Caramel and I LOVE the tart and tangy taste with a sweet swirl. Plus their greek varities contain four to six grams of protein!

And that's not all, they also have their Yoplait Frozen Yogurt Original Bars too that come in cool summer flavors like Strawberry Banana and Harvest Peach and they're mixed with refreshing pieces of real fruit!

You can try some of these sweet treats with me this Thursday night at Zaffiro's Pizzeria and Bar in New Berlin at 7:30 when fashion meets flavor. That evening we'll be viewing an episode of Lifetime's Project Runway which will feature Yoplait Frozen Yogurt. You'll get an awesome swag bag and enter for a chance to win our grand prize - a $500 Visa prepaid gift card!

If you can't make it, definitely pick up a few boxes of the new Yoplait Frozen Yogurt treats at your local grocery store - they are divine!!!

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Locations: New Berlin

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I Love My Team
I love my Green Bay Packers! As a shareholder, I do feel like it's "my" team :) and one of my favorite times of the year is when training camp starts!

When I lived in Green Bay, I would go to practice as many days as I could, rain or shine. This past weekend, I was up in Green Bay for their Packers 5K  on Saturday and then I was able to catch their practice on Sunday morning. Aaron Rodgers was looking good and so was our rookie running back, Jonathan Franklin from UCLA!

Below is a picture of me in front of the practice field. It should be another good season for the green and gold!

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People: Aaron RodgersJonathan Franklin

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Flavor Meets Fashion
I don't know about you, but the best way to cool off on these warm summer days is with a tasty treat!

I've always enjoyed Yoplait yogurt (my Mom would pack one in my lunch for school every day), but I was thrilled to discover at the grocery store that now they have Yoplait Frozen Yogurt treats too!

It's bringing the true refrigerated yogurt experience into the frozen aisle with a unique taste and texture! And it's low in fat and a good source of calcium.

Plus, I'm a huge fan of Greek yogurt for all the protein it provides. Now Yoplait even has Yoplait Frozen Yogurt Greek varities which contain twice the amount of protein contained in regular frozen yogurt with four to six grams of protein per serving!

The treats are offered in four varieties: Original Pints, Original Bars, Greek Pints and Greek Bars.
Check out some of these flavors: strawberry, honey caramel, mountain blackberry, raspberry, cherry orchard and harvest peach - just to name a few!

And coming up on August 1st, flavor meets fashion when Yoplait Frozen Yogurt will be featured on an episode of  Lifetime's Project Runway. Join me for a viewing party at Zaffiro's Pizzeria and Bar in New Berlin at 7:30pm and get an awesome swag bag, enjoy Yoplait Frozen Yogurt treats and enter for a chance to win our grand prize - a $500 Visa prepaid gift card!

I hope to see you there, but before then make sure to pick up some Yoplait Frozen Yogurt at your nearest grocery store!

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Smile On!
What a fun time I had last weekend at Summerfest! It's always great to see so many bands in one location, but I LOVE spending time with old friends at the Big Gig too!

This is my friend Kim and I before the Barenaked Ladies show (she's a HUGE fan)!

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It's Getting Hot In Here!
Who did you see at Summerfest?

I was able to see Nelly on a side stage and thanks to Jojo I was lucky enough to get backstage and meet him!

This picture is a little dark, but it was cool to say "hi" and to tell himwhat a GREAT show he put on in Milwaukee at the Big Gig. Smile on!

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Making Beer!
Have you ever been on a brewery tour? I have, but nothing beats actually making the beer yourself! I can't take complete credit for this, our buddy Jason has been making beer for years. This past 4th of July he let me help out.

I was able to add the hops and then once the beer starting boiling I was given the big spoon and started stirring (pictured). This was his American Lager - a lot of steps to follow, but very fun!

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Topics: Human Interest
People: Jason

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