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Kidd & Elizabeth

5 mistakes women make in love

Are you guilty of these mistakes? 1. YOU DO ALL THE WORK. If you take over planning everything for your man, whether it's scheduling all your dates, choosing his outfits, or even just deciding what you guys watch on TV, you've got to chill out a little. Organizing his life doesn't mean you'll be indispensable, and actually, it'll probably cause you to resent each other in the long run. 2. YOU'RE HIS LIFE COACH, MOTHER, OR THERAPIST. Women are especially vulnerable to falling for needy men. But don't confuse being "needed" with being "loved." 3. YOU EXPECT HIM TO READ YOUR MIND. Even the smartest women have that fantasy that if the connection is really special, a guy should "just know" what you need and what you're feeling. But expecting someone to read your mind isn't fair. In healthy relationships, people say what they want. But if you do tell him what you want, and he continually falls short of satisfying your needs, then it might be a compatibility issue. 4. YOU LOSE YOUR IDENTITY. It's great when a guy opens up your world and introduces you to new things, but if you've ditched your own hobbies and friends as a result, that's a problem. 5. YOU PUSH FOR CLOSENESS. Forcing intimacy on a guy is just about the fastest way to get him to tell you he needs some space. Trying to rush intimacy never works, and will only make your guy feel smothered. From Happen Magazine

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03/14/2010 2:45PM
5 mistakes women make in love
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03/24/2010 4:55AM
I should know by now that Kidd is very opinionated and has a holier than thou attitude. He has gone over the edge this time. His opinion is not always correct, and he needs to think before he speaks. In discussing Rosie's new show, he put an arrow thru the hearts of many families with autistic children. As a grandmother of an adorable 3 yr old with autism, I can't believe the ignorance Kidd has shown. To assume people would rather listen to stories about actors and their questionable lifestyles, rather than something that really matters, is just wrong. There are now 1 in 150 kids that have autism and the number is growing rapidly. We NEED people like Rosie to talk about this, so something will be done. Her concern for people in all sorts of trouble should be an inspiration to everyone. What we need are more people like her, that are concerned with children and family issues, and less egotistical airheads like Kidd. His statement that the subject is boring and people don't want to hear about it is a slap in the face to all the families suffering thru this epidemic. Someone needs to pay attention and solve this problem. It must be nice to be so perfect that you have no compassion for others. I wonder what his attitude would be if one of his nephews was diagnosed. You know, many kids aren't diagnosed ti age 5 or 6 - with more awareness brought on by people like Rosie, maybe these kids could get help when they are young, when they have the most potential to recover from this horrible syndrome.
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