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Saving Leftover Seeds for Next Season
Take a break and prepare for next season by organizing your left over and partially filled seed packets. Saving left over seeds can save you money each year in the garden, but so many of us like to try something new or misplace our collections of old...
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What a great time of year to talk about an old time favorite shrub, the snowberry. You may recognize this plant by its white snowball like fruit. The snowberry (Symphoricarpos albus) is experiencing a renewal in popularity due to its shade tolerance...
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Blood Lilies
Looking for something different to grow? Try a blood lily. This member of the amaryllis family produces softball size red flowers. The flowers appear in late spring or early summer and are followed by orange-scarlet berries. Blood lily (Scadoxus...
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​Keeping Your Christmas Tree Watered
Keep the Christmas tree stand filled with water and your tree will stay fresh throughout the holidays. This is easier said than done. Try assigning someone looking to get on Santa's Good List to this task. They'll need to check stands with smaller...
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Celebrate National Pear Month
Celebrate National Pear Month by adding a few of your favorite pear dishes to your family meals. Pears have been cultivated for thousands of years. They arrived in North America with the early colonists. They flourished until most of the plantings...
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Add a Small Scale Evergreen, Lemon Cypress, this Holiday Season
Add a small scale living evergreen to your holiday celebrations. The Lemon Cypress makes a great alternative to larger Christmas trees, especially when space is limited. Or use them to decorate your home, as a centerpiece for the holiday table or...
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Grow a Topiary Wreath for the Holidays
Grow your own holiday decorations using the ancient art of topiary. All you need are a couple small trailing plants, a metal frame, potting mix, and a container with drainage holes. Wreaths are a traditional favorite form and small leaved English...
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Light up the Landscape with Holiday Lights
So you decided to brighten the winter landscape with a few lights. Always use lights made for the outdoors. Test and detangle the strands before you start placing the lights. It's easier to replace a burnt out bulb on the ground than when you are on...
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Poinsettia Care
Brighten the indoors and get into the holiday spirit by adding a few poinsettias to your indoor décor. Select poinsettia plants with deep green leaves and colorful bracts, the leaf-like structures we call flowers. Always wrap the plants when...
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Selection and Care of Christmas Trees
The holidays are here and for many that means, it’s time to head out to the Christmas tree lot.  Selection is the first step to insuring a beautiful tree throughout the holiday season Start by checking for freshness.  Run your hand...
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Most Ridiculous Man of the Year
Here's a late-comer for the Most Ridiculous Man of the Year award. A professional makeup artist in Manchester, England has reportedly spent about $150,000 for plastic surgery and more to look like his favorite reality TV star. The star? Kim...
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Please Define "Top"
Scratching my head just a little. US Magazine put out a list yesterday of the Top 14 Celebrity Instagram Photos of 2014. Six of the 14 involve the Kardashians in some way - by that calculation, they're taking up 43% of the internet, which...
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It's the Most Wonderful Prank of the Year
Jimmy Kimmel and his wife have a holiday tradition - well, sort of a tradition - with acting couple John Krasinski (from The Office) and Emily Blunt (most recently from Into The Woods). They live across the street from one another, and for Christmas,...
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Happy Holidays: Sheriff Santa
There's a guy in Missouri who gives away about $100,000 a year in $100 bills to random strangers. This holiday season, he got a little bit of help - from the Jackson County Sheriff's Department in Kansas City. The officers were handed a...
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Wrapping Up a Holiday Tradition
Darlene Love came to fame with the 1960s classic, "He's a Rebel." But for close the three decades now, she's earned even more fame from her annual appearance on David Letterman's last show before Christmas to sing "Christmas" - aka "Baby...
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